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Reading: Between Trendy & Timeless

Between Trendy & Timeless

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Hipstoric Home Décor and Slow Design are reshaping the way designers think about residential spaces. Caesarstone’s new natural mineral collection corresponds with these important trends, while embodying a deep connection to the transformative power of time.

5310 Brillianza

Every year, Pinterest forecasts trends in fashion, design, and culture, and their insights continue to be noteworthy. Among the various 2023 trends shared by Pinterest, one specific design trend has specifically caught our attention: Hipstoric Home Décor.

Hipstoric Home Décor is empowering designers to use eclectic design piece combinations to shape home spaces. Mixing old and new, as well as unique vintage with mass produced items, Hipstoric Home Décor creates surprising design compositions full of unexpected connections. By infusing living rooms, kitchens, bedrooms and studies with singular vintage items, designers are able to inject history and character into newly designed spaces. This allows designers to create more than just a vibrant aesthetic. It turns them into full-fledged storytellers.

Design trends have a way of corresponding with one another. By relying heavily on vintage items and singular décor pieces, Hipstoric Home Décor correlates with Slow Design, another major trend adopted by designers and homeowners worldwide. Slow Design focuses on sustainability as a key value, while emphasizing items that are carefully curated, examined and placed in specific locations. Slow Design is meant to reduce mass consumption for the benefit of the planet, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg: it challenges designers to use materials that are sometimes overlooked, as well as items perceived as “old” and “useless”. With Slow Design, story often precedes functionality.

A collection for our time

Caesarstone’s Time Collection incorporates elements that at first may seem contradictory. On the one hand, the three surfaces featured in our new natural mineral surface collection are characterized by timeless beauty and aesthetics. On the other hand, this collection is inspired by the developing nature of time, and its effect on materials such as stone. The imprints of time, which can be recognized in geological and archeological findings, were used by the Time Collection designers as key inspiration.

5140 Dreamy Carrara

Trends are also deeply connected to the concept of time. Hipstoric Home Décor and Slow Design address the cultural zeitgeist and are attuned to values that matter to people living in today’s world. In today’s era, more and more people care about the backstory of their home design, as well as the singularity of the items that shape their homes. Sustainable values are also held in high esteem – and for good reason.

In this regard, the Time Collection is a response to a specific moment in design history. Taking major trends into consideration, our team has created a collection that is ideal for the present day and that also corresponds with the future of kitchen design. in addition, some of the Time Collection designs are made from sustainable, low-silica Mineral surfaces that feature synergetic composition as a key characteristic.

5113 Solenna is a great example of the Time Collection ingenuity. A light-colored surface with a warm neutrality, Solenna’s raw umber, amber and putty grey veins create an earthy ambiance and organic aura that blend perfectly with home designs that use Hipstoric Home Décor to incorporate dark antique wood, rustic elements and a miscellany of different items.

5113 Solenna
5113 Solenna

Another example is 5310 Brillianza – a surface that represents Caesarstone’s revolutionary interpretation of quartzite, a grayish natural rock with bright capillaries and varying degrees of transparency. While quartzite is soft and unfit for a countertop, we were able to utilize our technological innovation to recreate the quartzite aesthetic, complemented by the durability of a mineral-based surface. Made from recycled materials, 5310 Brillianza’s unique cool grey tone is an ideal fit for kitchens that have incorporated calming green hues. In addition, Brillianza’s powder-peach mineral accents blend wonderfully with warm and inviting kitchens that feature prominent wooden elements.

For more information on Solenna, Brillianza and all the Time Collection surfaces, click here.

5140 Dreamy Carrara

Create Extraordinary Moments

Caesarstone’s Time Collection presents contemporary design and ancient beauty in the forms of the marks of time imprinted on stone

Time Collection