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Reading: Recipe for success: 4 kitchen trends for 2024

Recipe for success: 4 kitchen trends for 2024

3 min read

Pinterest has become essential for architects and designers looking to explore creative possibilities. It serves as a space to showcase your work and establish your brand in the digital realm. Additionally, participating enables professionals to stay up-to-date and respond to the latest design developments. Following Pinterest 2024 trend report, here are four kitchen trends for 2024 that you certainly do not want to overlook on this platform.  

5140 Dreamy Carrara

1. Warm & natural

In 2024, the kitchen trend takes centre stage, featuring warm colours and natural materials. Designers are embracing the harmony of earth tones like terracotta and soft beige to create a cosy and inviting ambiance. Natural materials such as wood, and ceramics highlight a commitment to sustainability. This trend extends beyond mere aesthetics; it reflects a growing awareness and appreciation for eco-friendly design solutions.

5310 Brillianza: A mysterious interplay of crystalline translucence and dynamic icy white veins dissolving into a cool gray base.

2. Retro revival  

Decorating a kitchen with an eclectic mix of second-hand discoveries, vintage appliances and bold colours creates a unique space. Minimalist design is complemented by a more bold and expressive approach, giving creativity free rein. The kitchen becomes a playful canvas where personal style is expressed, with unexpected elements adding character to the space. By using second-hand treasures and retro appliances, the past is welcomed and revived.

501 Snowdrift: A pure white backdrop boasting the prestigious allure of marble, intersected by delicate golden-brown veins
that meander across the misty base

3. Metallic mania

In the new year, the kitchen world shines with silver tones and chrome, with metallics becoming the new mainstream. This trend marks a shift from familiar colours to more bold and hardcore shades. From streamlined kitchen accessories to glistening accents, metallics elements inject a touch of glamour into design. These striking materials not only make an aesthetic statement, but they are also functional: in fact, the reflective light enhances a room.

303 Metallio Brown: Red-brown and matte-glossy red tones blend to create a raw, seemingly heated effect,
with an authentic aged texture for added tactility, in a honed finish

4. Caffeine chic

The kitchen trend is buzzing with home baristas, where coffee corners in the home steal the spotlight. From the inviting ‘café chalkboard’ aesthetics to sophisticated ‘coffee corner decor’, people seek to creatively showcase their love for coffee. Retro coffee grinders and vibrant cups transform the kitchen into a coffee paradise. This trend not only nurtures the art of coffee making, but also the need for a stylish and cosy coffee corner at home. Get ready for a flavourful journey into the world of home coffee corners in 2024.

5100 Vanilla Noir: A rich and luxurious ebony base, washed with flowing veins of vanilla cream, exuding a bold personality.

Pinterest is an indispensable digital treasure haven for architects and designers, where you not only discover the latest trends but also actively engage in the dynamic realm of design. Sharing your work, tracking trends, and drawing inspiration will not only build a valuable network but also keep you at the forefront of evolving design trends. In essence, let Pinterest continue to inspire your creative journey in 2024.